This is not just an event – It’s a movement of thankfulness and honor to those who every day sacrifice for our freedom! Let’s join together and love on our men and women in Blue!
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Courtesy of Art Michel with AM Productions

Adopt a Police Department Program

Vision Statement Year after year, we will lift the spirits of all law enforcement officers through local acts of kindness, rallies of support, charitable contributions, and personal statements of support.  Through our efforts, we will help them "feel the love" of their community in tangible ways, while amplifying all the positive stories around law enforcement.

Please choose a department that you would like to support.  Click a program to find out more information.

Christmas Dinner
Motorcade Rally
Amplify the 99

History: Joe Anderson and friends have over the past five years provided a high-end Christmas Dinner to the Meridian Police Department on Christmas day. This started out as a way to “redeem Christmas” for the Anderson family, and have it be about giving back. We thought there was a need to serve our police. It turned out, it meant much more to them than we ever could have imagined.

Goal: To honor our law enforcement/police who serve us on Christmas day, when few restaurants are open, and to give them an opportunity to come together at the department’s offices to socialize around a great meal.  We would like to organize a Christmas Dinner for the officers in your area by soliciting volunteers to head this up with proven plans on making it a huge success.

Our 2020 Back the Blue Rally at the Idaho Center, opened with one of our volunteers organizing a motorcycle procession from the Treasure Valley to end at the Rally.  We would like to extend this to include the State of Idaho.  The event will be August/September TBD and we will organize the volunteers for each area.  View the ride HERE

We would like to receive nominations from every department to go into a selection process to reward the officers who go above and beyond in their jobs. Stories and photos will be published on our website to change the perception of how our officers are  being portrayed. Awards will be given each year at the Rally.

Our Christmas Dinner has been very successful at the Meridian Police Department.  We would like to see this happen all over our state.

We need caring people to help chair our projects in every area.

These are the departments that need to be adopted. Click to twirl out and see the departments

Make a note of the police department name, you'll need it on the Adopt Me form.
2021 Rally and Josh Vadell
Courtesy of Art Michel with AM Productions

We want to see you at the big event!

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From the Organizer:

“I personally have experienced the incredible professionalism of our men and women in Blue in my neighborhood in August 2020. When a man who had beaten his girlfriend started wielding a gun and pointing it at people, they came in force, de-escalated the situation, made sure our neighborhood was safe, and then risked their lives to go in and apprehend this man. Thank God for these brave officers! My family and I felt totally safe! ‘When the going gets tough … the Blue get going!’”
- Joe Anderson
We're honored to have this support from our community

Idaho Governor Brad Little

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Janice McGeachin

Lt Governor Janice McGeachin

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Grant Webb Band

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Stand With The Blue

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From The Organizer:

We Support The Blue Line

This is not just an event – It’s a movement of thankfulness and honor to those who every day sacrifice for our freedom!
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